Arterial Duplex Imaging

An arterial duplex is a noninvasive examination that consists of imaging the major arteries to determine and locate any blockages or constrictions that may exist in an artery. Your physician may order this examination because of one or more of the following reasons: tingling and/or numbness of the arms or legs, cold and/or discoloration of the arms or legs, thick nails, history of blocked arteries, diabetes, diminished pulses, and/or other multiple reasons.

What to Expect: You will be required to wear a gown for this procedure. A technician will apply warm gel to either your upper or lower extremities, depending on the study ordered. An imaging wand will be manipulated over the extremity, obtaining images via harmless sound waves that are bounced off of your arteries. These images are used to see potential blockages in your arteries. The technician will also record blood flow velocity using Doppler technology. This examination does not require the use of any needles, dyes, or radiation. Testing takes approximately one hour.

Testing Preparation: None required. Please take your medications as prescribed.

Location: Currently, this test in performed in our Farmington Hills and Novi offices.

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