Renal Ultrasound

A renal artery ultrasound is a noninvasive examination that consists of imaging both arteries that supply blood to your kidneys. (Kidney and renal mean the same thing.) A Doppler sample is also performed.

The purpose of this examination is to see if there are any blockages or constrictions within the artery

What to Expect: Upon arriving at the office, you will change into a gown. A technician will apply warm gel to your abdomen. An imaging wand will be manipulated over the area being studied. Harmless sound waves are bounced off your renal arteries then sent back, converting the images on a screen and then digitally recorded. These images are used to see the blood flow throughout your renal arteries. This examination does not require any needles, dyes or radiation. This test takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

Preparation: Do not eat or drink after midnight prior to the exam. You may take any medications needed that morning with as little water as possible. If you need to eat in the morning, please feel free to bring something for after the examination.

Location: Various ultra sounds are currently being scheduled at our Farmington Hills’ and Novi offices.

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